How Elevate Impact Works

Connecting ERGs, BRGs, nonprofits, and colleges & universities to create mutually beneficial outcomes.


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Free to sign up with no upfront cost or payment information required and a 30 day trial with complete access to the platform.
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Once your trial period ends, ONLY when a member of your institution submits a project post or request are you prompted to purchase a membership.
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With the annual membership, there is no limit to the number of members from the organization or school that can join.


  • Connect with like-minded peers, organizations, and groups to enhance your network.
  • Leverage the resources of higher ed, including faculty to serve as subject-matter experts and speakers.
  • Connect with students in higher ed, including minority serving institutions to support talent acquisition efforts.
  • Connect with nonprofit organizations to partner and amplify your group's community impact.
  • Access networking events to support your group's growth and development.

nonprofit organizations

  • Connect with members to request in-kind support (e.g. event space), sponsorship, board service, volunteer, and funding needs.
  • Leverage members to garner strategic guidance, capacity building support, and access to networks
  • Expand your reach, amplify your message, and increase y our visibility to a wide audience.
  • Share best practices, learn from one another, and engage in peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.
  • Access data and research shared by members to elevate your impact.


  • Access posted experiential learning opportunities for your students.
  • Connect with groups driving social impact at companies.
  • Promote faculty research and literature in the areas of social-impact.
  • Amplify the reputation of your institution through your engagement with leading organizations.
  • Extend networking opportunities specific to social innovation and impact to students and staff.

first icon Project Briefs & Bulletin Posts

  1. A Project Brief details a request specific to collaboration on awareness campaigns and marketing materials.
  2. A Bulletin Post details a general engagement opportunities, e.g. hosted events, inquiries, job posts, and available resources.

    In both a Project Brief and Bulletin Post, Project Sponsors indicate if they want to:

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  • Post Project Briefs or Bulletin Posts as private, allowing specific members to engage through invitation only, or
  • As an open call to engage, allowing all members to reach out with a request to collaborate.

Communication is Easy on Elevate Impactsecond icon

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1 For Project Briefs or Bulletin Posts, which are tagged as private and by invite only, invited members and the project sponsor can direct message each other and access a Q & A forum in the respective post page.

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2 For Project Briefs or Bulletin Posts marked as an open call to engage by all members, communication will be limited to access to the Q & A forum in the respective post page for questions or commments.

third icon College & University Engagement: Students & Faculty

Students, faculty, and admin can work with their school to determine the most appropriate engagement approach. Some recommendations include:

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  • Allowing students to complete projects for course credit through an existing course to fulfill required community service hours etc.
  • Establishing a Memorandum of Understanding with project sponsors to formalize working relationships for faculty engaging with short-term or long-term projects.
  • Formalizing or enhancing partnerships that not only benefit students, but align with the long term objectives of the school's mission and vision.

Collaboration Between Organizations & Member Schoolsforth icon

Members can post their Project Briefs or Bulletin Posts as private or public, direct message other members, and invite members to collaborate.

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  • Invited participants can directly make submissions to the project sponsor on Elevate Impact for consideration. If posted Project Briefs or Bulletin Posts are marked as private:
  • The project sponsor will communicate with the selected or

For Project Briefs and Bulletin Posts marked as an open call to engage as a public post:

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  • Project Sponsors will receive submissions for consideration through the project page and can short-list their selections. Participants will be notified by the project sponsor if their submission was selected.


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